Thursday, April 4, 2013


Meet me, Jen, a 15 year old girl that lives with her foster-parents, Mary and Carl, in New Jersey.

I always had problems at home, with my foster-parents. They were always fighting over stupid things. Most of the times, I was the cause of all that “hell”. My foster-dad, Carl, and I, we never had a “normal” father/daughter relationship… everything bad that happened, it was always my fault! He was never happy with my grades although, I was one of the best students in my class and he would always make me uncomfortable around him and my new “family”. 
Of course, I found my “shelter” from this life, music… God how I loved to listen to music! It always “saved” me from all those bad moments… Listening to my favorite band, Bon Jovi, always calmed me in a wonderful way!  Listening to Jon singing, Richie playing the guitar, Dave on the Keys and Tico on the drums… what an amazing feeling I used to get!
My love from Bon Jovi came from a long time ago! My real mom used to say I was a fan since I wasn’t even born, but I remember so well to jump on my bed listening to “7800ยบ Fahrenheit”… I had CD’s, DVD’s, posters and much other stuff, but that’s not what I wanted… no. All I could ever dream was that ONE day that I would be able to tell each and every one of them how much their music meant to me, in every meaning of the word… I wanted to tell Jon how beautiful his voice was, how inspiring their lyrics were! And to Richie… all I wanted was to tell him how much I admired his person, not only the artist but the HIM, the man. I wanted to tell him how inspiring his life was to me, his experiences, his dreams, his way of thinking and the way he used to express himself… all I wanted was to confess to him that he was like a father to me. My role-model.

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