Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chapter 2

“Richie! Richie wake up, dude!”- Obie screamed
“What the fuck? What’s your problem man?”
“1st: it’s half past 2 p.m. ; 2nd: there’s something you should see. C’mon, get your ass out of that bed, now!”- Obie commanded
Richie got up, showered, and brushed his teeth.
“What’s up Ob?”- Richie asked
“I was here checking the fan mail and…”- Obie started
“You woke me over fan mail?! Seriously?”- Richie interrupted
“Calm down man, you need to read this! It’s from yesterday.”- Said Obie while handing the letter to Richie.

“Dear Richie,                                                                   April 10th 2001

I’m not writing to say “I Love You” because I know you hear that a lot. (Richie chuckled)
I’m sorry if I am bothering you, I know that you’re probably busy and you’ll never read/answer this, but it’s okay.
I’m not doing this for fun or just to pass time, I’m doing this because, tomorrow is my 16th birthday and I need someone to talk to (besides my best friend, that is),  I need you to know a couple of things.
When I was 10, me, my mom and my brother (only the 3 of us because my dad left us when I was only 2 years old), we were coming from the best night of my life, it had been my 1st concert ever, a Bon Jovi concert, when suddenly we had a car crush. I was the only survivor. Since then, I’ve been “jumping” from foster-families to foster-families and it’s been a hell. I don’t fit in here. Nobody understands my situation, my dreams and my mind.
Please don’t feel sorry for me, because of all this.
 (Richie’s eyes widened)
Maybe you’ll think that’s stupid from me to say all this to you, but understand that I needed to do this.
You’ve been my idol since I can remember. I love the band and your solo work. But mostly I admire your capacity of sharing your money and your fame, your sadness and your happiness with us, your fans.
Please understand that I mean no disrespect to you, your family or the band, but to me you are more than a musician, more than a guitar-player and more than a philanthropist. To me, you are the father I never had. My role-model. My hero.

When Richie finished reading the letter, he looked at Obie and said:
“Can you find me this girl?”
“Yeah man, here’s the address”- Said Obie while handing Richie the package that, only a couple hours ago, had been wrapped with the letter.
“What am I supposed to do with this man? I just go there, knock on the door and say “Hi, I’m Richie and I wanna see Jen ‘cause she says I’m like a father to her?!” C’mon man, cut me some slack will ya?!”
“Yeah you’re right… that would be too much, even for you!! What should I do, Rich?”- Obie asked
“She said It was her birthday right? So, I’m gonna answer her, and send her some tickets to our next concert!”
“For the April 13th one in New Jersey?”- Obie asked
“Yup! You think she’ll come? Yeah, she’ll come… Gonna answer my “daughter”, see ya in a bit Ob”
            “Dear Jen,
If you only knew, how flattered I am… believe it or not, nobody had ever said something like that to me, ever.
You seem a very intelligent young lady, who, unfortunately, has been through some stuff too soon. Don’t think this is pity from my part but I’m really sorry about your family… and, honestly, I admire you because you seemed a fighter to me, you seemed strong, strong enough to admit what you feel, and what you think.
I’m honored that you have that opinion about me, seriously.
I’m gonna tell you a secret, it’s for people like you that I live for, it’s for fans like you that I work so hard, it’s people like you that make me strong enough to carry on. So, thank you, for the letter, for the kind words, for being my fan and mostly for being my daughter.
I hope I get the chance to see you and talk to you, honestly, I do.
I wanna look you in the eye and I wanna help you, if you let me, that is… I’ll send you tickets. Please don’t take this as you birthday present.
Oh and I guess that this letter will be late, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY little girl!!!!
Please, show up.

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