Friday, April 5, 2013

Chapter 3

It was my birthday. Birthday.        
Without my family it was just another day, a day spent at school and, after that, at home. Home… Yeah, sure, home.
“I sent the letter.”
“You what?”- Asked Natalie
“I did it, I finally did it Nat!”
“Holly Jesus! You did it? The letter?! Did he answer? Can I read it? When did you do it? How? Hey!! Why didn’t you show me?!”
“Wow! Easy there cowboy! So many questions! Okay… Yes I did it, yes to Richie, I did it and sent it yesterday, how? Honestly I have abso-fucking-lutly no idea, I just did it!”
“Oh My God! Did he answer?”- Asked Nat
“I don’t know, I bet he didn’t…”
I bet he didn’t… OMG, are you kidding me? You bet he didn’t?! Did you even check the mail before you left the house?”
“No I didn’t…”- I answered
“I don’t know Nat maybe because he’s a Rock Star and he probably doesn’t give a single fuck about my stupid life…? Oh and let’s not forget the little important part of the story where he doesn’t even know me??!!”
“Oh… I see…”
“Nothing, nothing…”- Said Nat
“Oh great! Shut me out…”
“Heck Jen, what do you want me to say?! You sent the fukin’ letter and you don’t even know if he answered you or not cause you don’t even check your mail? I’m sorry babe, you know I love you madly but you’re not making any sense…”
“I’m scared Nat… okay?”- I finally admitted
“Of what sweetie?”
“Of being ignored again, of pouring my soul and my heart to a person who I think of as a God and as a roll model and turns out he’s just a moron like the others, who doesn’t even care. I’m tired of being pulled down. I’m tired of crying myself to sleep without anything or anyone but my pillow to support me. I’m tired of watching you ignoring your own problems to help me with mine. I’m scared of forgetting how it feels like to be loved by somebody. I’m tired of not having a family. I’m tired of being alone in my own tiny world… I-I’m tired of everything”
“Oh baby, you are loved! And you don’t need to be scared cause I’m sure he’s gonna answer to your letter…”
“That’s not the point! I don’t care if he answers the stupid letter or not! I just want him to know what he means to me, that’s all…"

Natalie was my best friend for a long time and, as I said before, she was the only one who knew the whole story. I knew she understood my crazy way of thinking and I knew she was right… It was too immature to send a letter to someone and to not be curious about the answer, but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that he would actually care! Nobody cared, only Nat but she didn’t understood how hard it was to be me…
Ughh, I’m so selfish!                   
“Hey Jennifer, can I come in?”- Asked Daniel.
Daniel was Ashley’s brother. He was shy but he wasn’t an ass like his sister. He was actually sweet.
“Hi, yeah sure…”- I answered
“I’m sorry to bother but this came with today’s mail. It’s addressed to you…”
“Here”- He handed the letter to me
It was a normal package, not to big but certainly bigger that the ones I used to receive. The package was anonymous.
“Who is it from?”- I asked Daniel
“I’m not sure… the man who made the delivery said that it was from the U.S… New York more precisely…”- He answered
“New York?!”
Oh… of course it wasn’t from him… He lived in L.A, so…
“Richard Stephen…”- Said Daniel suddenly

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